Greetings from the director

        Let me extend my warmest greeting to you visiting our website. Taiyo Town Corporation LLC has been working to introduce new technologies in the healthcare sector and deliver quality products and services that meet the needs and requirements of our customers since the establishment. We are confident that our efforts in building a healthy and a happy life in our country will continue to reach as many people in the future. Our team will keep striving to be a role model in society by introducing innovative products and providing satisfying services to the customers.

A healthy Mongolian
A healthy society
General Director MERGEN .E

About us

We will continue working hard with dedication to the health and beauty of our people.

Company introduction

Since 2012, Taiyo Town Corporation LLC has been contributing to the development of Mongolia by providing medical equipment, instruments, diagnostics, prostheses, cosmetics, car sales, and consulting services.

We introduce world-renowned quality products from Kitazato Corporation, Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd, HANIC White Lab Co., Ltd. of Japan to our country with official exclusive rights and deliver them to customers.

Our mission and value


We will help you build a Healthy, Happy, and Dream Family through technology that meets global standards.


To build a healthy, happy life in our home country.


Skilled and experienced team
The right attitude and hospitability
Innovation and introduction
Continuous relations with customers


(Introducing) Technological development in Mongolia

Our history

Thanks to all the customers who are contributing to build our story

2013 year

Photo-Me automatic photo sticker service was introduced and installed at the Tengis cinema, which was the initiating step in Mongolia.

2014, 2015 year

An event for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Mongolian-Japanese cultural relations was organized in Ulaanbaatar in cooperation with the Mongolia-Japan Center.


2015 year

We signed an official representative agreement with Kitazato Corporation. The company is a leader in the healthcare industry, including the production of fertility products, and supplies its products through its official representatives in more than 100 countries around the world.

2018 year

We organized a training seminar on “Sperm washing” for more than 60 hospitals of women operating in Mongolia in cooperation with Kitazato Corporation. As a result of selecting 10 hospitals and introducing IUI treatment, 5 patients were successful in fertilization within half a year and brought joy to those 5 families.


2018 year

We have been working with HANIC White Lab Co., Ltd, and providing dental health and cosmetics products to customers. The company is a leader in producing household goods, cosmetics, and oral care products in Japan.

2019 year

We signed an official representative agreement with Nippon Piston Ring Co. Ltd. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of aircraft, car rings, and spare parts with a history of 90 years. Besides, based on many years of experience, they have entered the implant industry and are a manufacturer of treatment kits and comprehensive dental implant systems that fully meet the requirements of modern technology.


Partner companies

We have been developing a trusted partnership